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TryDay: How to Start a Conversation

I love a good try at something- so I'm hoping to have some fun with Fridays by calling it TryDay - because that's supa fun, right? Right....

Try On

Oh, I saw the cutest jacket today. I wanted it. I tried it on... and it made me: Pale, overweight, broad shouldered, blah, blah blah. It...

Minivan Sanctification

📷 I remember pulling away from the dealership in the minivan fifteen years ago, turning around and looking wistfully at my dark green...

Advent: Waiting

I'm the worst wait-er ever. I hate waiting. What feels natural is: Quick decisions. Spontaneous. Green arrows - go! Let's do it now! Why...

Pain < Glory

📷 repost from october 2016 This is currently hanging on our fridge. It was a handlettering page that my daughter traced over. It’s of 2...

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